Cronzy pen scans any color in the world to let you write in it

Cronzy pen

Click pens with interchangeable spring-loaded ink cartridges were the best we could have when we were growing up. These pens would let you use few different colors for doodling or writing. Come 2016 and we are in for a pen that would let you scan any color in the nature to use it for sketching, writing or even scribbling when you’ve got nothing to do at work. Dubbed the Cronzy, this is a pen seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Cronzy contains ink cartridges that let you draw in 16 million colors. The pen also comes with a dedicated iOS, Android and Windows app, which allows you to select colors from a circular color pallet just in case you’re too lazy to get up and pick a color of choice from real world settings.

Cronzy pen-1

Cronzy works somewhat similar to an eyedropper tool, allowing you to scan an object, it will pick the scanned color and you can use the very color for writing a diary, drawing something on a canvas or simply using it on the skin.

Using Cronzy is very simple. It has a built in color scanner, which lets you scan any colors in seconds by just pointing the top end of the pen at the object you want to scan. That color is then picked by the pen and you can instantly use it.

Cronzy pen writes in 65 million colors

Cronzy will come silver and black colors and feature interchangeable nibs so that you can use the color of choice in the thickness you want.

Cronzy has raised $12,078 (at the time of writing) of its $200,000 goal. The campaign still has about two month time, and we’re guessing, this innovative pen will make the cut. If you want to see yourself using the Cronzy someday, you can pledge a minimum of $100 and get a pen, charging case, five interchangeable pen tips, two ink cartridges and an instruction manual when it ships in spring next year. Cronzy pen will retail for $300.

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