French designers build Industrial robot that can make tattoos

world's first tattoo by industrial robot

A future where robots will be able to do the most delicate and skillful things is not far. At least this is what launch of the robot tattooist suggests. Yes, there is an industrial robot that has all that it takes to be a tattoo artist. In the video uploaded by Autodesk Pier 9, you can see a yellow robotic arm tattooing a spiral on a volunteer’s leg, as the latter is strapped to a chair.

This world’s first industrial tattooing robot is developed by a team of French designers led by Pierre Emm and Johan da Silveria.

world's first tattoo by industrial robot-2

There is no word on how the robot can delicate ink a human skin without going through it, or how this giant robot would react if a person flinched while tattooing. But we learn that the robot comes with a printer, which scans the body part to be tattooed, then transfers the print to the robot in form of a code, leaving the bot to do the rest. Result as seen on the volunteer’s leg is pretty awesome.

world's first tattoo by industrial robot-1

Via: TheVerge



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