Iran is first country to ban augmented reality app Pokemon Go

Pokemon go banned in Iran

You must be hopping countries to catch ‘em all, but be cautioned when you venture into Iran for some Pokemon Go fun. Iran has become the first country in the world to ban the augmented reality app. The High Council of Virtual Spaces in Iran has officially banned Pokemon Go in the country specifying security reasons. Albeit, the Council was very concise in its explanation of the security concerns, the authority refrained from elaborating the reason for its decision.

According to BBC, the decision to ban Pokemon Go is not abrupt. Iran had been waiting to figure out a way to get the game operator’s to cooperate. The decision comes in wake of the craze this augmented reality game that challenges players to move from place to place in real world to catch Pokemon in virtually.

Besides Iran, there are a few other countries where Pokemon Go hasn’t gone down too well. The police officers in Indonesia have been banned from playing the game on duty.

In France, a person was arrested for straying into Military base trying to catch Pokemon. New York State has also banned about 3,000 registered sex offenders from playing the game as they are out on parole.



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