Geeky Infinity Skirt inspired from traditional Chinese armor

Infinity Skirt

Most of the time it’s the geeky men who come out with DIY projects involving Arduinos, 3D printing and electronic tinkering. Don’t count out the girls though, as Imgur user [SexyCyborg] has created her own tech savvy skirt for the Maker Faire. She calls it the infinity skirt, since it displays infinite mirror effect thanks to the Array of LEDs embedded on each individual tile. The design is inspired by traditional Chinese armor and you do actually need to wear a layer of clothing as the skirt won’t help hide much.

The heart of this array of LED matrix is its Arduino controller which puts forth the cool display. It can control the display of each tile (measuring 66mm) individually The tiles supporting these LEDs are made from flexible matrix which can be reconfigured with ease, in case you want to come-up with your own custom design.

The maker is generous enough to make this a completely Open Source project, and you can find all the needed information on Thingiverse. To learn more about the make process, watch the video below.

Source: Imgur



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