Pokemon Go contact lenses might be coming your way – John Hanke confirms

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People are going nuts for Pokemon Go, and the fun keeps getting better. This augmented reality game has gripped the world like no other app or game. So what is the next frontier for this AR game that’s making everyone drool over for Pokemon catching mania? If you are to believe Niantic Founder John Hanke, then it is going the wearable technology’s way. He wants to make the game more interactive and fun for the players.

The CEO and his intuitive team want to create contact lenses which will show Pokemons right in your field of view, definitely more convincing way to catch them I guess. Instead of going running with your smartphone on the crowded streets, this will be a more natural way of spotting the Pokemons in AR. The idea is to make the game more real with gyms and Poke Stops looking like a real world scenario.

The possibility of HUD glasses such as Google Glasses or VR headsets being used to explore the various characters of the game cannot be ruled out. Any which way, the motive is to encourage the players to explore the world around them.

Nintendo has confirmed that they are going to launch wristbands which alert the user of any notifications from the game. For example while walking, they’ll get a notification when a Pokemon appears. They call it the Pokemon Go Plus device and most probably it will beam LED lights or vibrate to notify the user. It can also be used to shoot balls at the creature that you’ve captured before.

Via: DailyMail



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