Wilson X connected football is every quarterbacks dream ball


It’s not easy for the best in the world of football to throw a perfect pass. Each quarterback out there will affirm. With the new Wilson X connected football, throwing a perfect pass can be lot easier and more accurate. Designed with budding quarterbacks in mind, the new football measures distance, speed, velocity, spin rate and the throwing position to perfect each throw and help train more precisely.


The ball comes with a dedicated app compatible with iOS and Android that allows a player to monitor his performance – track all the statistics of games and training and share and compare performance on the online leaderboard. The app also lets players organize a wholesome quarterback score, which can be shared if necessary – you can send your score to the coach and get his inputs on performance.

Wilson X connected football comes with a built-in battery capable of lasting almost 500 hours (i.e. close to 200,000 passes on average). Sadly the battery is not chargeable or replaceable, so this is one expensive football that should be used judiciously – no reckless throwing mind you.


There is a smart mechanism in place in the ball, which only switches the ball on when the ball is held in a specific position and then flipped over. Available in Official and Junior sizes, the Wilson X connected football is priced at $199.

Via: Wilson / NewAtlas



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