Striker VR demos functional prototype of Arena Infinity VR gun

Arena Infinity haptic VR gun

Virtual reality has come a long way from VR headsets with stuffed in smartphones. Striker VR is one company that is making this transformation, and the change is evident in form of Arena Infinity haptic VR gun that was first revealed in April. Striker VR demoed the working prototype of the gun. Arena Infinity gun simulates fire modes and haptic effects of a range of real life weapons that players can experience in virtual reality. To make the haptic feedback possible, the wireless gun features linear actuator with haptics on-board.  

The Arena Infinity comes with single, bust and auto firing modes. The gun also has fire modes for some futuristic weapons including the sci-fi railgun and a chainsaw. According to Striker VR’s video demo to Road to VR, the VR gun is capable of providing a powerful kick to simulate a weapon’s recoil – just in case you want feel how firing a gun feels.

Striker VR ARENA Infinity Haptic VR Gun-1

The Arena Infinity VR gun is presently using only a temporarily affixed tracker i.e. PhaseSpace and Sixense STEM tracking. Striker VR foresees future where the gun would support Oculus’ Constellation, Valve’s Lighthouse and yes, PlayStation’s Move tracking system.

Striker VR ARENA Infinity Haptic VR Gun

Striker VR hasn’t announced a release date for consumer version of the Arena Infinity but the company says it will start delivering development kits comprising haptic gun, SDK and haptic sandbox towards the end of this year.

Via: RoadtoVR



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