Keep LDR alive: HB ring lets you feel your partner’s heartbeat

HB ring by the touch

In a long distance relationship, you miss the feel of being next to each other. All you can do is Skype and FaceTime, but that’s just not there when it comes to intimacy. Enter HB Ring by The Touch – first of its kind ring that lets you feel the heartbeat of your partner. Simply download an app, connect the ring and pair with the loved one to feel their heartbeat in real-time.

Since time immemorial rings have been a symbol of love and connection between two hearts. Until now a ring was just a piece of metal on the finger, now it’s turned into a way to feel more connected to your partner.

HB ring by the touch lets you feel partner's heartbeat

Created after two and a half years of development; HB ring features hundreds of components inside. The ring uses Bluetooth to connect with your mobile device and then lets you experience connection and warmth of the partner from miles away.

HB ring is made of stainless steel. High end model features unibody sapphire crystals. The ring features largest exposed sapphire surface on a ring ever, which makes this an almost unscratchable ring.  Stainless steel ring is available on preorder for $599 a pair, while HB Solid Rose Gold is going out for $2,990. Shipping is scheduled to begin as early as Nov 2016.HB ring by the touch-1

With the HB Ring on, have heart enough if suddenly your ring starts to blink 5x the normal rate at midnight. No! No, calm down, everything will be just fine.

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