GoPro’s six-camera Omni virtual reality rig to ship from August 17

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Filmmakers and high-end customers waiting for GoPro’s six-camera Omni virtual reality rig could have their pre-ordered units shipped beginning August 17. A considerable solution to shooting videos in 360-degree, the metal cube is designed to house six GoPro Hero4 Black cameras and comes with required hardware and software to create perfect 360-degree videos. At $5,000, the Omni may not be the best of consumer gadgets, but it’s a reasonably priced rig for filmmakers who can now shoot high-quality immersive videos in 360 degree at the most reasonable cost.

The Omni feature a simple, yet full proof backend software, which allows for proofing and stitching the 360 degree videos you’ve shot very easily. The GoPro’s requires the Hero4 Blacks to be placed spherically in the rig and the cameras be plugged into its central brain, from where settings of all the GoPro’s attached can be synced.

For the cost, it can be lowered if you have your own collection of GoPro Hero4 Blacks. Omni comes without the cameras for $1500 but this would be without software license.

Live-streaming and shooting in 3D is not in purview of the Omni, nonetheless the rig can shoot high-quality 360 degree videos in 2D. Simply attach microSD cards to each camera in the rig, record, remove the cards and save the footage captured by each on your computer.

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