Vintage Works builds functional Speeder Bike motorcycle

Speeder bike motorcycle

We’ve seen our share of Star Wars memorabilia, here’s a new one chasing the dream. The Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi. This one doesn’t fly through Endor, but better than any to ride on road (not sure if it will be street legal). Created by Vintage Works, the Speeder Bike motorcycle is more than a replica and if you want it, you may need to convince these guys at Vintage Works to build you one. Make sure you have the cash do buy it.

Speeder bike motorcycle-2

The Speeder Bike is immensely detailed, it has similar handlebars for steering the bike around. The handlebars also control the flaps on the front. To let you feel all the good of riding a Speeder Bike, Vintage Works has fitted a sound system in it that emulates distinctive sounds from the movie.

Check out more picture and video below.

Speeder bike motorcycle-1

Speeder bike motorcycle-3

Speeder bike motorcycle-4

Via: io9 / NerdApproved



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