Solar-powered Pokemon Center charges multiple smartphones at once

Solar-powered Pokemon Center

Pokémon GO has become a tremendous hit among masses across the globe since its release. Players from all age groups enjoy this game, but the game drains your phone battery really fast. To combat the battery consumption issue, craftsman Spencer Kern has come up with an appropriate solution – DIY solar-powered Pokemon Center.

You must be aware that in original Pokémon GO, Pokémon Center is a hub for players to heal their pocket creatures in-between battles. But in real life, Kern’s DIY Pokemon Center serves as a charging station to fuel up to 10-12 smartphones at once. So, the players can enjoy their game for hours without worrying about battery drainage.

Solar-powered Pokemon Center

To build a fully-functional Pokémon-themed battery charging station, the DIY artist has used a combination of woodwork, 3D printed components and some electronics. Furthermore, colors and decals are added for the finished look. The resulting object is a USB hub that offers a huge Pokémon hunting pack for the players to prowl the streets for as long as they want.

Solar-powered Pokemon Center

The portable phone charger is integrated with a solar-powered generator that remains hidden within the shells of the charging dock. It is meant to hold enough juice to charge multiple smartphones. Hence, the charger is likely to attract neighboring humans as much as Pokémon.

Kern has successfully tested it in the field, and says the charger works as planned. If you want to build one for yourself, you can find out more about DIY charging station’s specifications and manufacturing process on its home page.

Solar-powered Pokemon Center Solar-powered Pokemon Center Solar-powered Pokemon Center-6

Via: 3ders


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