Boltt fitness tracker comes with AI-based personal coach

Boltt fitness tracker

These days, the market is flooded with new age health and fitness equipment which promise to make you smarter. But do they all work, as they are portrayed to? That is something which forces the user to give up on such wearables over time. All the data collected from fitness trackers, sleep trackers or other wearables is of no use if it means nothing much to you. To change this, a sports technology startup has something that’s a tad different from the rest.

Boltt, the startup has teamed up with Garmin to make an overall health tracking device which comes with an AI-based health coach for absolutely personalized coaching. This will be your trusted advisor, all set to transform your habits. Called as Virtual Boltt Coach (B), the tracker will keep an eye on your sleep, fitness, nutrition and normal activity data. Based on this, the virtual coach will guide you to a better health.

Mind you, it is not just another app which gives you generalized recommendations. The coach offers real-time suggestions depending on your current activity. For example if you are walking slowly, and your basic body functions are good, it will push you to run for a while.

Boltt is expected to be launched later this year, and you can learn more about this future-forward wearable on their official website.

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