Intel unveils Project Alloy – all-in-one mixed reality headset

Project Alloy

When Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took to the stage at the Intel Developer Forum held in San Francisco, he had something new to release – the Project Alloy – an all-in-one virtual reality headset. Yes, Intel in entering the entertaining world of VR with its own headset that does not need to be attached to a phone or computer, remember Microsoft HoloLens?  Project Alloy is completely tetherless – it doesn’t need external sensors, processor or battery, powered by a 6th gen Intel Core processor, it comes with its own battery and processor.

Project Alloy

According to Krzanich, Alloy is more than a mere virtual reality headset. It is a merged reality headset – a headset that gels virtual reality with augmented reality in one cohesive unit. Alloy can let you enjoy VR wirelessly and features camera onboard that tracks the environment around to ensure you can experience augmented realty and not complain about not seeing what’s in front of you wearing a VR headset.

Krzanich said Intel would collaborate with Microsoft to bring Window content to Alloy. Additionally, Intel will provide Alloy to developers in 2017 so that they can create Windows-based content for the HMD.

Project Alloy

There’s no word on how much the retail version of Project Alloy would cost, and when it will be launched.

Source: Intel



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