Pizza Hut will deliver in world’s first playable DJ pizza box

world’s first playable DJ pizza box

Printed electronics company Novalia has created one of a kind pizza delivery box for Pizza Hut. The box unlike other pizza boxes is made of standard cardboard but is fitted in with mixer, controllable buttons and touch-enabled decks to form the world’s first playable DJ pizza box. Yes, it’s functional. Gear up to receive your pizza in a DJ box that you can play once you’ve gulped down the pizza.

Powered by a built-in battery, the DJ pizza box can connect to a smartphone or computer over Bluetooth. And, it is compatible with some of the DJ software including Serato DJ. Check out the video below to see how you can scratch or rewind the music box.

Pizza Hut will have a limited number of these boxes going out in five of the 350 Pizza Hut’s across UK. To know where you can get one keep a close eye on the Company’s UK Twitter handle.

Via: Engadget



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