OmniCharge: Smart, pocket-sized power bank charges every possible device


If you haven’t used a power bank for extra juice on the smartphone, you’d probably be living in a different world. Having used a few external power sources I’ve realized it’s a little more than an ask for a power bank to charge a laptop. And yes, if there are any, they’re either too bulky or too big to tug along. Enter OmniCharge, an out for crowdfunding device that is pocket sized and good enough to charge any device under the sun. So, how is this possible? Claimed to be the world’s smallest power bank, OmniCharge comes with an AC/DC Power Outlet and a couple of USB Fast-Charging ports for powering nearly any device you possess.

OmniCharge display

Additionally, OmniCharge feature intelligent charging, a feature that knows what is connected and automatically adjusts powers to optimally charge it without overcharging the device. Available in two options – 13,600mAh and 20,400mAh battery options, the pocket-sized power bank has an OLED display that shows information about the input and output status, battery time remaining and the unit temperature.

Starting at $109 on its Indiegogo page, OmniCharge has already done 2484 percent of its $50,000 goal with 16 more days to go. Slated to be shipped in October, OmniCharger is expected to be added with a wireless charger and a USB Type C input plug in the models that begin shipping in November.




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