PadBot T1: Compact telepresence robot with charging dock

PodBot T1

Just like any other telepresence robot, PadBot T1 lets you be at two different places at the same time. The compact and independent telepresence robot is developed by Juppi Tech, and it’s presently seeking funds on Kickstarter to see light of the day. PadBot T1 uses as smartphone to let you video chat, remote control things and even keep a strong vigil by crawling around the house in your absence. The PadBot T1 can start and a click and you can chat with your pet or close a facet with it when you are away from home.   

With it unique rapid rotary motion, PadBot T1 lets you roam around anywhere and still remain in contact with home or office. The robot can be used everywhere, in home, office, classroom or even hospital.

PodBot T1-2

Where PadBot T1 differentiates itself from the other telepresence robots is, it can even charge your phone. Just plug smartphone in T1 and it will juice it up for you. Owing to its diminutive size, the robot can be transported in a backpack easily. On full charge, PadBot T1 can last good 12 hours. Sadly, it may not be a full proof support if you’re going out for more than a day.

PodBot T1-1

PadBot T1 has raised $12,285 of its $20,000 goal on Kickstarter, with 17 days to go (at the time of writing). PadBot T1 is estimated to be delivered in October, 2016. Early birds can secure their bot for as little as $89.



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