Exciting gadgets and technologies expected in 2017

Gesture control future of Virtual Reality

As years roll by, the consumer technology keeps advancing. The speed at which this is happening is so fast that the older generation can’t keep up with this change. However, for the younger generation, this is an opportunity to discover and invest in some of the coolest gadgets to arrive in 2017. We have therefore compiled a short list of what is to be expected. There are hints everywhere, so this list is just one of those convenient things you ought to familiarize yourself with.

5G mobile phones and networks

5g network connectivity

Even though the speeds of 4G LTE network are very good, it leaves more to be desired. That’s why wireless carriers are now anticipating to make the transition to 5G LTE. Whereas the standards for this technology are still several months away from being set, it’s safe to say that this technology will be faster and less energy-intensive than the current 4G. Consequently, 2017 should see the advent of 5G smart home devices, faster smartphones, wearables and much more.

Augmented reality headsets

Samsung Gear VR headset in Qatas airline

Using Note 4 as the display, Gear VR takes you to an augmented reality environment

By 2017, it is believed that augmented reality headsets will become an interesting part of everyone’s arsenal of gadgets. If the standards of this technology are set by 2017, then it means that games will be able to project their characters and environments directly into your living room. This will create a truly immersive virtual world that blends really well with the surroundings. Playing casino games will be more fun than ever with this advancement. The games at online casinos will even be far more realistic than they currently are.

Wireless smart-home gadgets

Stacked wireless charging case for iPhone 6s Plus and 6s_2

Smartphones and other mobile gadgets which depend on batteries to support their functionality will not have to be plugged on a wall socket. What this means is that your smartphone will harvest energy from the surrounding electronics such as your TV, WiFi signals and so on to charge to full capacity. This technology relies on what is called as ‘Backscattering’. It reflects incoming radio waves in an attempt to form new signals out of the waves. This technology is currently at a stage where it is ready to be commercialized in 2017.

Augmented reality apps

Pokemon go banned in Iran

What Pokemon Go has shown us is really exciting for the future. Augmented reality is going to be the name of the game when we speak of future gadgets. In combination with current breed of wearables, augmented reality hardware and applications can make deep inroads into the top spot for hot gadgets.

Virtual reality environment

Veeso Face tracking vr headset-1

Only few people have had the opportunity of using virtual reality headsets. However, it’s just a matter of time before these gadgets become readily available to everyone. Industry players and investors are thinking that this form of immersive entertainment will be the next big thing. The technology is set to offer very compelling 3D experience to the end consumer. If it goes through by end of 2017, it means virtual casinos will run in full throttle. All the slots casino in Australia will come up with compatible, high-quality games that users will enjoy while making money at the same time.

2017 is still rumored to have special things to quench the thirst of technology enthusiasts. High tech wearable and implants that monitor your health will be given high priority. Self-driving cars will probably start showing up on the streets by end of 2017, although we are still miles away from implementing the kind of road safety expected. So generally, the above gadgets should mark an important highlight in the technology realms come next year.



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