Roborace takes first self-driving race car to the racetrack


Welcome to the future of high speed racing – cars that will zip around racetracks sans drivers onboard. This is the future being realized by a new racing car prototype being developed by a British Company called Roborace. DevBot, as the prototype racer is called, is in development to herald a race series of self-driving race cars that will participate in 2016/17 Formula E Championship.   

DevBot is custom built car with a similar drivetrain, communication system and sensors as the Robocar designed by Daniel Simon scheduled to release later in the year.

Additionally, DevBot features a cabin that human drivers can occupy or control to feel how a computer controlled car functions on the racetrack and acquire real-time data of the same.

According to Roborace, DevBot has been tested on airfields and racing circuits and will be provided to number of motorsport companies and universities showing interest in the technology.

DevBot is slated to go out on its first public demo at Donington Park today, August 24.

Via: Telegraph



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