5-year old Katelyn gets 3D printed prosthetic hand in her favorite pink color

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm

It’s heartbreaking when you see a kid having disability, basically it just shatters you. That is where technology come-in to restore some faith in humanity. 3D printing is one example of technology being used for good, as we have seen so many times in the past. Yet again, 3D printing has given a small little kid a new lease of life. Meet five-year old Katelyn Vincik from Vitoria, Texas who was born with an underdeveloped left hand. The cute little girl has been in the queue for receiving a prosthetic hand for a very long time, and finally her eagerness has been rewarded.

Her parents sought help from the Harris County Public Library who have a 3D printer in the Jocelyn H. Lee Innovation Lab. The volunteers at this lab were more than happy to help Katelyn, so they took her measurements and embarked on the construction of their maiden 3D printed prosthetic arm. To add a little spark to the design, they 3D printed it in her favorite, pink color. It took them about 22 hours to 3D print the prosthetic hand. When it was all done, the team led by Patrick Ferrell delivered the artificial limb to the girl at her home.

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm_2

The girl can now hold onto things, have better mobility and pay with her sister like never before. They can hold hands and play game which was not possible earlier.

Patrick Ferrell said:

I had the honor and privilege of delivering the arm, but our volunteers did the bulk of the work. Maybe one day we can bring Katelyn in for a class and she can design her own arm.

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm_4

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm_1

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm_3

Source: TeamUnlimbited Via: 3DPrint



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