Level – Stylish eyeglasses double as activity tracker

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Who says wearable glasses need to be bulky and ordinary looking? VOS Global in association with University of Southern California’s (USC) Center For Body Computing has developed a tech-savvy pair of glasses which monitor your fitness. Earlier known as Project Genisis, the final version of this eyewear dubbed Level distributes the weight of embedded hardware on both the temples equally. Sensors like Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope or magnetometer are all fitted inside the thick temples of this stylish eyewear.

The wearable has been designed keeping in mind everyday usage and unforeseen situation like water pouring on them. It is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, and you can check your fitness stats like the amount of steps walked or calories in the compatible app interface. In case someone decides to steal these glasses or you forget them somewhere, you can track them down through the app interface.

Level is a unisex eyewear frame which comes in three different styles named after famous innovators Nikola Tesla, Marvin Minsky and Hedy Lamarr. The wearable fitness tracking glasses are going to take some time before they’ll be introduced in the market. Team over at VOS Global and USC want to make sure their wearable is a winning product and not just another wearable which serves no practical purpose in real life.

Level Eyeglasses with Activity Tracking

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