Man builds wooden airplane at home to fly quicker to work

Frantisek Hadrava homemade wooden airplane

Almost all of us waste a lot of time in traffic while driving to work. While most of us think of having ways to fly to office, one man named Frantisek Hadrava of the Czech Republic has actually built a plane that he flies to work and back home. The 45-year-old Hadrava was tired of wasting 14 minutes driving to work, he decided he wanted a plane to cut that travel time at least in half. Hadrava spent two years designing and building an ultralight wooden aircraft ‘Vampira’ that flies him to his work place, Drevostroj, a small factory in Ckyne in just 7 minutes.

According to Hadrava if he flies directly to work it would only take him four minutes. Since, Hadrava works in an early morning shift, he take a slight detour so he does not disturb people in the city early in the morning, a reason it takes him about 7 minutes to fly from home to the factory.

Hadrava’s homemade plane is based on series of lightweight American planes called Mini-Max. The amazing single seat, open cockpit aircraft cost Hadrava 100,000 Czech Koruna (about $4,000) to build. The plane is powered by Verner’s 3-cylinder engine. It is made entirely of wood and can fly at a top speed of 91 miles/hr.

Hadrava lands his wooden plane on a field opposite his factory and then drags it across the road to the factory’s parking lot, where the plane sits alongside the mundane cars of his colleagues.

Hadrava is not content with just one plane, he is planning to build another on based on the 100-year-old Deperdussin Monocoque. We’re waiting!

Via: Reuters / Video: Quartz



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