Hyper-realistic Batman suit with 23 functional gadgets enters Guinness World Records

If you’re into all things Batman, you’re going to love this Batman suit created by special effects artist Julian Checkley. Styled after the ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ game, the hyper-realistic cosplay has earned Checkley a name in the Guinness World Records. To enter the record books, Checkley has embedded the suit with some 23 functional gadgets, each one making him more of a Batman when suited-up.

Checkley, who made is first cosplay at the age of seven is a diehard Batman fan. In his words:

I’ve always been a Batman fan. He’s (Batman’s) kind of an anti-hero. He’s kind of dark, but he’s still a good guy. And there’s so much scope to do so many fun things with the suit – I love the suit. I loved building it.

This one-of-a-kind Batman suit feature almost all the gadgets that you’d find in the Arkham Origins. The suit is armed with a LCD display on the forearm, a Bat-shaped GPS tracker, a fireball shooter, a 2000 watt EMP Stun Gun and a range of other lethal/protective and tacky gadgets.

The suit is mold by 3D printing and then cast in rubber. The detailed parts thus made are weathered and mounted on a under suit to arrive at this almost real suit that Batman himself would be proud of.

Here’s a list of all the gadgets you will find on the Batsuit.



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