Sony FES Watch U is the chameleon of smartwatch world

Sony FES Watch U_7

Sony has already shown what their idea of a smartwatch is with the FES Watch which is a fashion-forward wearable for the next gen geeks. Now, the company wants to show you what FES Watch has evolved into. Just like its big brother, the FES Watch U is up on Sony’s own crowd-funding platform First Flight. There are more designs for the watch-face and the watch band. All of it delivered through the e-ink display which displays the cool designs in monochrome theme.

Just imagine, stepping out of your apartment with a new watch design every day, and I bet no one will ever recognize it’s the same watch every single time. This smartwatch will have more designs to boast when released in Japan, and later on also the designs will just keep increasing. For now the smartwatch is compatible with iOS devices, with Android compatibility promised in the future.

Although the smartwatch didn’t catch much attention because it was not released outside Japan, But this time I’m sure Sony wants to grab their share of the competitive smartwatch market. For now, the watch has time until October 7, 2016 to get itself crowdfunded.

The watch is going to be available in cool black, silver and white color options. You can check out more details at First Flight, and pledge your amount to secure FES Watch U.

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Source: Sony Via: SlashGear



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