Man builds 1,200 kg functional bicycle, aims for the world record for heaviest bike

Frank Dose world's heaviest bicycle What do you do when you visit a scrap yard; you probably pick the handiest of things to build a usable product. For Frank Dose from Rade, German, big is the new small. Using mammoth wheels from an industrial fertilizer spreader and with apple amount of scrap steel, sourced from all possible places including scrap yards, Dose has built a 2,072 pounds (940 kg) bicycle that he wants to ride into the record books as the world’s heaviest functional bike.

Frank Dose world's heaviest bicycle-1Despite the fact that Dose’s bicycle with 1.53 meters (5 feet) wheels is already heavier than the 1900 pound bike that is currently recorded in the Guinness Book, Dose is planning to add extra weight to boost his monster bike to about 2,646 pounds (1,200 kg).

Frank Dose world's heaviest bicycle-2Dose has been building this bike since March this year. Once he has all that weight onboard, 49-year-old will try to the bike 200-meter (656-foot), and make a place for himself in the Guinness World Records.

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