Brain-controlled headphones is the future of entertainment

Neste ThinkEar headphones

Hands-free headphones are all the rage, but even with wireless headphones, you have to reach your pocket for the phone (or at least to the headset) to change track or toggle volume. Imagine a pair of wireless headphones that would let you do this with your thought. You think of changing the track, it’s done; you want to increase the volume, it’s done. This revolution in high-tech entertainment comes from the house of Neste in form of ThinkEar headphones that read wearer’s brainwaves to help control a musical device.

Neste ThinkEar earphones connect to your music device via Bluetooth. The headphones feature five-point EEG sensors that transmit brainwaves to a microchip onboard. This microchip then translates the data into interaction commands, allowing the user to control a music device with thought alone.

Neste is not just stopping at harnessing brainpower to revolutionize listening, according to the company, ThinkEar headphones will also be able to translate languages and provide you with directions in alien soil.

ThinkEar headphones are still at concept stage. Given the advancements in brain mapping technology, and having seen a few examples of brain-powered wearables, we are sure Neste will have a prototype of its ThinkEar ready by the end of the year (as planned by the company).

Via: Inverse



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