7 reasons why Apple iPhone 5s is not obsolete

Apple iPhone 5s

New versions of popular gadgets hit the market more quickly than most of us can keep up with. Of course, the newest model is always the biggest, boldest, fastest option on the market, but wise users try to let their bank accounts air out between major purchases. It’s possible that the iPhone 5s could continue to meet your needs for a while longer, depending on how you use your phone.

Works with Apple Watch

If the reason why you’re not upgrading to the newest iPhone is that you have your eye on an Apple Watch, then you’re in luck. The watch pairs nicely with the 5s. Users who have field-tested the devices together report a seamless experience that is consistent with using an iPhone 6 in terms of speed, compatibility, and intuitive interface. As you become more watch-dependent, you are likely to take your phone out of your pocket less often and may find that you hardly miss the larger screen and newer features of a later-model phone.

Supported by Apple

Apple’s newest operating system for mobile devices, iOS 10, is just now being unveiled. The new iOS leaves the iPhone 4 behind, but it supports the iPhone 5 — the cutoff point for being able to run iOS 10 is 1 GB of RAM, and the iPhone 5 was the first to pack that much power, doubling the RAM of the iPhone 4. Industry insiders predict that Apple will support the iPhone 5s until 2018, based on market history.

Fast and reliable

The 5s simply works. Users generally report being completely satisfied with the speed and stability of their phones for gaming, browsing, and running apps of all kinds. The 5s was built for speed and offers blazing real-world performance that consistently beats competitors of its generation and price range. In fact, early speed tests on the iPhone 6 found it to have almost no speed advantage over the 5s. The iPhone 6 performed only 5 percent faster than the 5s in testing situations.

Includes Touch ID

The iPhone 5s was the first model to use Touch ID, which lets you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone’s screen quickly. Some bank apps are using Touch ID to give you quick access to your accounts, and the technology is necessary if you want to enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay. Fingerprint identification could become more important going forward.

Slight edge over other iPhone 5 models

Touch ID was only one of the upgrades over earlier versions of the iPhone 5. The camera in the 5s is comparable to the camera in the basic iPhone 5 in its specs, but it has a superior light sensor that helps improve low-light photos. It also offers slow-motion video, which is a fun feature. But the 5s’s biggest advantage over its predecessors is its blinding processing speeds.

Compact size

The iPhone 6 is big enough that it seems to bridge the gap between a phone and a mini-tablet. That’s an advantage if you’re using your phone to read books or play sophisticated games, but a smaller phone is much handier to tuck into a pocket or purse. If you use both a phone and a tablet, you may actually prefer a smaller phone.

Still does the job

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement surrounding new mobile technology. But ultimately, most people use their phones for text messaging, GPS mapping, taking photos, running apps, and making voice calls. The iPhone 5s easily manages these tasks — and at a bargain price.

The 5s is far from archaic. In fact, it is uniquely positioned as an affordable smartphone. With the speed that is almost indistinguishable from later models, a Touch ID pad that supports Apple Pay and other forward-thinking banking apps, and support from Apple in its upcoming iOS release, the 5s isn’t lacking any essential features that would make it obsolete. You may pine for the larger screen and fancier camera of a newer model, but the iPhone 5s will continue to do its job well for at least another year or two.



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