Breeze drone is your personal aerial selfie stick that does a lot more

Yuneec Breeze selfie drone-2

There are hundreds of manufactures and as many or even more drones. While drones for now have been inclined at capturing the world around, the latest innovation from electric aviation company Yuneec called Breeze is a forward-thinking quadcopter that is made to take selfies. The compact drone is easy to fly (yes, ease of operation is in the core of the flying machine) and is meant to be controlled with a mobile device. The Breeze weighs under a pound and features a mobile camera onboard, capable of shooting videos in 4K.

The drone designed for more casual users, comes with five different mode of operations. Using an iOS or Android app on your smartphone the drone can be used to record videos in ultra-high definition and click stills in 13MP.

Yuneec Breeze selfie drone

The five different modes on the Breeze include pilot mode, selfie mode, orbit mode, journey mode and follow me mode.

In pilot mode you can control the drone with your mobile app. In selfie mode, the drone can take images automatically. The orbit mode allows the drone to loop around an object in 360-degree. In the journey mode the drone will follow a specified path. And finally in the follow me mode the drone can be set to follow you wherever you go.

Priced at $499, the compact and lightweight Breeze will let you share whatever you capture directly on social sites.

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Via: PopularPhotography



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