Monitor your health from the waist with the Welt – Samsung’s fitness belt

samsung welt smart belt

If you’re sick of your increasing waistline, Samsung has a way in the Welt to let you monitor your fitness and gauge your slimming waist simultaneously. Welt is a fashionable smart belt that doubles as a fitness tracker. Welt tracks your waist size, food intake and your everyday activity and provides data on how many steps you’ve taken and how many hours you have spent ideally.

‘Welt is just like any other belt in your closet,’ but its buckle slightly unordinary. The buckle has a USB port and is fitted with a magnetic sensor that does all the accurate fitness tracking all waist sizes between 28 and 44-inches.

Waist is a good place to track your eating habits from. We know that the belly swells up after eating, the belt can tell you the expansion of the midsection after meals and help you improve your eating habit.

The belt comes with a dedicated app that lets you see all the fitness insights on the smartphone. Along with tracking all the metrics, Welt also provides tips on how to better your fitness. And it also lets you set goals, just in case you want to follow a strict regime.

The Samsung backed Welt is scheduled to ship sometime early next year. It’s currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter where you can pledge $69 and expect one shipped your way on release.

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