Would you shell out $3,200 on Sony’s gold-plated Walkman?

Sony Gold-plated Walkman

Celebrating 70-years in the tech business, Sony has unveiled its gold-plated Walkman for $3,200. The Japanese electronics maker has come up with a new line of high-resolution audio products, including two Walkman players, headphones, and headphone amplifier. However, the Signature Series is led by gilded NW-WM1Z Walkman with high-resolution audio.

The premium audio device is actually constructed out of the oxygen-free copper body that’s been plated in gold. The resistance to oxidation is likely to reduce magnetic and electronic interference with sound quality. It supports the 384kHZ/32-bit “Hi-Res” music format, which utilizes separate analog and digital circuitry. All thanks to this “dual clock circuit,” noise can be reduced when converting from digital-to-analog headphone jacks, and physical buttons.

Sony Gold-plated Walkman

The design of the Walkman has been tweaked very slightly from the previous models. Now the slot for the headphone jack is at the top, and the physical controls along its side are smoother to press. Moreover, the player’s interface is also changed to deliver superior audio quality.

But few questions for Sony and the buyers are that people nowadays are inclined towards sleeker electronic devices – in that case, what’s the point of creating a hideously thicker and gaudy tech? Why would anyone purchase a separate, hefty-priced MP3 player or MP4 player in 2016, where iPhones and other smartphones can offer better listening experience? Even music services like Spotify can play desired music on-the-go, so why to bother managing a music library on an audio device?

Nonetheless, if you’ve got enough money to throw away, you can purchase the premium gold-plated Walkman for $3,200 in 2017. For buyers with shallow pockets, the company will be launching NW-WM1A Walkman for $1,999.99 this November.

Sony Gold-plated Walkman

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