LG announces Amazon Alexa integration for its SmartThinQ Hub

LG SmartThinQ Amazon Alexa Integration

Recently at IFA 2016 in Berlin, LG has announced that its SmartThinQ Hub will be expanding its capabilities with Amazon Alexa integration. Well, it makes sense as LG’s IoT ecosystem looks and functions similar to Amazon Echo. When LG launched this smart hub earlier this year, it was considered to stand against Amazon. But instead of completing, LG wisely decided to add support for Echo’s Alexa voice assistant.

LG SmartThinQ Amazon Alexa Integration

Just like Echo, SmartThinQ is a cylindrical speaker with some control buttons on the top. What differentiates both the devices is that the LG’s smart hub features a 3.5-inch LCD on the top, whereas Echo lacks a display.

Now with Alexa integration, the LG SmartThinQ will be able to listen to your commands to play music, schedule your calendar, and show weather updates. Moreover, you can also give commands to Alexa via a remote paired to the ThinQ Hub. Sadly, it will get a limited set of voice-assisted features. You won’t be able to control lights, thermostats, or door locks, like original Echo.

To activate Alexa, you need to press a button on the hub like the Amazon Tap. After that, you can easily control it from across the room by your voice. If you already have LG smart appliances at home, Alexa integration is a good news. However, there is no word on SmatThinQ Hub’s pricing and release date so far.

Via: Cnet


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