Batmobile built 16 years ago stuns crowd in Moscow [Video]

Leif Garvin Batmobile

Swedish creator Leif Garvin made a Batmobile some 16 years ago and recently, after managing all the custom formalities, he was able to display it to a much enthusiastic crowd in Moscow, Russia. The Batmobile is made by converting a 1973 Lincoln Continental and it took Garvin three and a half years to build it over an estimated $1 million. The custom made vehicle is an exact replica of the Batmobile in “Batman Returns.”

The Batmobile was brought to Moscow in partnership with FastBoomPro. And the vehicle is here to promote sales of identical vehicles on Russian Market.

If you’re crazy about replicas, such as this Batmobile, you will need deep pockets, since the replicas are selling for $1.1 million plus.

Garvin’s Batmobile features a DVD player and it takes voice commands. The car’s height is adjustable and with the rear view camera, you can keep a close eye on stalkers.


Via: RT



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