Megaverse anti-gravity case lets you stick iPhone wherever you want

Megaverse iPhone case

Smartphone cases come with all sorts of capabilities now. Latest is one that can stick to most walls and flat surfaces. I often have to place the phone on the countertop while cooking, a case that lets me stick the phone on the wall was long time due. Developed by Mega Tiny Corporation, the Megaverse iPhone case, as it is called, features nano suction to adhere to the walls and it does stick well, you can be assured of your smartphone’s safety. And even if the surface is not appropriate, the case is tough enough to take little knocks here and there and keep the phone secure.

Megaverse iPhone case-1

The Megaverse case has small suction cups that provides grip on smooth surfaces like walls, metal, windows, mirrors, car dashboard, wooden cupboards and cabinets and whiteboards etc. The anti-gravity case, as the makers like to call it comes with interchangeable attachments which are available in black, space gray, rose gold and gold colors. The swappable attachments include a leather wallet, a bottle opener and a shatter-proof mirror. The attachments stick to the back of the case with the similar suction technology.

Megaverse iPhone case-2

The Megaverse case is easy to clean – the nano suction can be cleaned using water. The suctions are heat resistant, so you can take the case out in broad sunlight. The case is up for funding on Indiegogo, you can pledge $49 to receive a case when it is shipped later this month.

Megaverse iPhone case-3

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