Reclining low chair is made for those endless gaming sessions

Reclining low chair

Getting home the right equipment is most essential part of a gamer’s ritual. Gaming equipment is not just confined to a massive rig, a fancy controller or a noise cancelling pair of headphones; for gaming you also need a comfortable seat. When you’re talking about sitting in front of a massive PC rig or chilling in front of a large TV screen, you need something more comfortable to sit on. If you want a comfortable low chair as a part of your gaming station, Bauhutte Gaming Chair LOC-01-BK is a perfect option.

Reclining low chair-1

Adding to the cushiony confront, the gaming chair acts like a recliner. It extends backwards fully for those naps between games. The chair also has wheels, just in case you want to roll down the room to adjust a wire or grab a mug of beer from the kitchen.

Reclining low chair-2

Watch the video below for a closer look at the gaming chair before you order one. The cool chair will set you back $230.

Via: ITMediaLab



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