Apple Watch Series 2 is a swim-proof smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 2

After much speculation and anticipation, Tim Cook finally got on stage at the Apple Event in San Francisco to announce the Apple Watch Series 2, along with the latest iPhone models and refreshing wireless AirPods. The air has been cleared on all the assumptions about this Apple smartwatch, and it is in-fact much better than its predecessor. However it borrows a lot from the first generation Apple Watch, including the square dial design and the funky crown for scrolling and zooming-in on details. Also, the watch casing is going to be available in aluminum, stainless steel and the exclusive white-colored ceramic model.

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The most noticeable addition to the smartwatch is its water-resistance feature which makes you forget about taking the watch off when going for a deep pool dive. Yes, Apple Watch Series 2 has swim-proof water-resistance to a depth of 50 meters, and as a bonus, the watch will also calculate the calories burnt from your swimming regime. Water-proofing comes courtesy the water-rejecting speaker which prevents the internal components from water damage.


It has a 50 percent better brighter display for sublime viewing in bright sunny conditions. The inner hardware has also been beefed-up with a dual-core processor (now called S2) which is going to be 50 percent faster and a GPU which hones its performance by almost double. Combine that with the upcoming watchOS 3 (scheduled for September 13 release), and you can be rest-assured of snappy performance while switching between apps.

GPS Connectivity

Apple has added GPS for better fitness tracking and suggestions based on your location. That said cellular connectivity is not there as Apple believes it will strain the watch’s battery. So you won’t be able to make calls or send texts. Rather, the smartwatch focuses on fitness and your running schedules.

Applw Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition

Pokemon Go Support

At the event Niantic Labs announced that Pokemon Go is soon going to be available exclusively for the Apple Watch.that means, now you’ll be able to get notifications when a Pokemon or Pokestop is nearby. Also, the fitness-oriented Apple Watch will show how many steps you’ll have to walk to hatch an egg and your overall progress.

Look And Feel

To exemplify that fact, Apple has partnered with Nike to come-up with a special Nike+ version of Apple Watch which borrows the cool looks of Nike FuelBand fitness tracker. Other than that the smartwatch will come in gold, rose gold, silver, space grey finish. Apple has also made it a point to give the buyer a plethora of options when it comes to the watch bands. They are catchy and come in cool urban finishes.

Pricing And Availability

The Series 2 Apple Watch is going to come at a price tag starting from $369 going up to the Hermes edition Series 2 watch for a price tag of $1,799. The options are going to be plenty with 38mm and 42mm case options for the buyers. Pre-orders for the new Apple Watch start on September 9th (September 16th availability) and the Nike edition smartwatch will be available in late October.

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