Students build solar-powered car in fuel and electricity stricken Gaza


Inspired by acute electricity shortage and fuel deficiency in Gaza Strip in Palestine, two students from the Islamic Al Azhar University have developed a solar-powered car that does 18mph. Engineering students Al Miqaty and Khalid Al Bardawil worked closely with the University’s Mechatronics Engineering Department and created a single-seat vehicle for their graduation project. With solar panel embedded to the roof, this car is considered as an innovative step for people in Palestine.

Engaging in conflicts with the Gaza Strip, Israel has not just infringed with human rights, it has also affected the flow of electricity and fuel in the country. Since, Israel controls fuel and power supplies into Gaza, the region has been reeling under fuel and power shortage for a long time now.


Considering, Gaza Strip last year received only 45 percent of electricity it actually needs for sustenance, the prototype solar-powered car is a solution to help create awareness of harnessing solar power amid Gazans.

Via: RT



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