Smart urinal 2.0 cleans your manhood with soapy water

urinal 2.0

Public restrooms are not the most hygienic; we therefore wash our hands after taking a leak every time. Yes, we’re extra sure of our hands, but what wrong has the little Bob dangling between the legs done – after all he’s been the most exposed. A new tech urinal being designed for public restroom is made to meet the requirement. Developed by Spanish team led by biochemist Eduard Gevorkyan, Urinal 2.0 as it is called, will spray soapy water on your manhood for three seconds and then dry it instantly, so that John is as clean as your hands.

The urinal designed to let men pee without getting their hands dirty (you won’t have to use a hand to shake it after use), features sensors that ensure the water sprayed is room temperature. The sensors on the smart urinal also take into account user’s height and the size of his love muscle.

Urinal 2.0 is only a prototype for now, but the company negotiating deal with another company to sell its patent. A similar version of a toilet is also being developed for women.

Via: Engadget



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