Mercedes Benz Vans will have drones on top to deliver packages in last mile

Mercedes benz vans delivery drones

Sprinter Vans manufacturing arm of German car maker Mercedes Benz has designed delivery vans that will board two drones on the roof. Mercedes Benz Vans has partnered with Silicon Valley-based drone maker Matternet, to envision a future where delivery drivers will fly drones to deliver packages in the last short distance – the driver will park the van in the neighborhood and deliver one package, while the two drones onboard the van will be guided to deliver another two packages.

The fully-electric Vision Van with two drones on top, showcased in a presentation in Stuttgart, Germany, touts to be completely connected vehicle that lets deliverer and customer track the package.

The idea of having at least two drones on top of a Vision Van is to reduce the work that a typical delivery guy has to do getting a package to the doorsteps of hundreds of customers daily.

According to Matternet, the M2 drones, which will be commissioned for delivery on the vans can carry a payload of up to 4.4 pounds and make a 12 mile trip easily. The drones can fly in urban and rural settings and feature parachute for emergency landings in case of power failure.

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