Edible drones will deliver emergency food in disaster zones


The concept of building drones with metal and plastic is so old fashioned, new trend is building edible drones. UAVs made from edible material just like this chocolate drone. In development is a new drone that will be edible and disposable and would be tailor made to reach food supplies to remote areas or disaster zones. The drone called Pouncer is being designed by engineer and adventurer Nigel Gifford, who came to fame for selling his solar satellite to Facebook for $20 million in 2014.

Pouncer is going to be a replacement for current method of delivering and dropping emergency food rations. Currently, humanitarian daily ration (HDR) is dropped over areas of emergency through military planes and parachutes, which is considered expensive and there is a lot of wastage due to lack of accuracy in dropping packages. Moreover, the HDR that is dropped only contains 2,200 calories and does not take into account the diet, religious beliefs and cultural limitations into account, Gifford explains.

Gifford proposes a drone that will drop with high accuracy and provide food in areas where it is most necessary.

The prototype UAV Gifford is developing will eliminate waste almost completely. The drone will fly with wings made of food, and the main structure stuffed with water and more food supplies offering up to at least 3,500 calories. Moreover, the drone will carry food suitable to regional diet and cultural sentiments. Gifford informs, Pouncer’s frame will be made of wood, which can be used for fuel in areas where it lands with supplies. What happens to motors, wiring and battery? Well, there’s no word yet.

On board navigation on the Pouncer makes it accurate to almost 10 meters even at the furthest possible distance of 21 miles.

Gifford believes his edible drone would be ready for flying in another two years.

Via: BusinessInsider



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