Pokemon Go Plus: Wearable that’ll make you a champion, arrives Sept. 16

Pokemon go plus-1

At the Apple Watch Series 2 launch event in San Francisco, Niantic took to stage and said Pokemon Go (the phenomenon) will be available for the wearable. Exciting! But be reminded, Apple Watch is not the only wearable that will interact with Pokemon Go. Announced at E3 trade show with price tag of $34.99, Pokemon Go Plus developed by Nintendo is another wearable dedicated to the game; the wearable device is scheduled to release on September 16 in most countries including USA, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Pokemon go plus

Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable device that connects to an iOS or Android device over Bluetooth. The standalone peripheral informs wearer of Pokemon and Pokespots in the vicinity.  The wearable flashes LED light and vibrates when you’re approaching an item in the specially marked location in the game’s map. This way you can reach the Pokespot and hatch some eggs without having to open the app on the phone every time.

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