DIY: The coolest wireless LED keyboard you can make at home

DIY LED Keyboard user [AnonymouSmst] has created this uber cool keyboard which is not only good looking, but also smart in many ways. This wireless keyboard is a whole console in its own rights with 62 Cherry MX mechanical switches, 68 RGB LED backlights, 2 joysticks, 128×32 pixel OLED display and RFID/NFC chips for the communication bit. The brain of this smart keyboard is ATMEGA2560 chip which keeps all the electronic components in sync for seamless experience.

DIY LED Keyboard_1

That said, the maker tells beforehand about the kind of cost involved in making this DIY keyboard. It is going to cost you at-least $150 – $200 considering all the electronics you’ll have to buy. Other than that, you’ll need a thorough technical skill to get around all the instructions the maker has provided.

The most unique feature of this tech savvy keyboard is its cool LED lighting and the use of joysticks for the up/down/left/right keys. Other than that the OLED display screen shows all the indications and notifications. It will make for a good gaming keyboard, considering it has a joystick for direction controls.

This DIY project is quite complex, and I’d rate it in the difficult category, so be advised to only venture out on it if you know what you’re doing.

DIY LED Keyboard

DIY LED Keyboard_2

DIY LED Keyboard_3



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