DIYer builds palm-sized SNES with Raspberry Pi Zero

SNES console with Raspberry Pi Zero

Nintendo revealed NES all-in-one console at the San Diego Comic Con and the mini-console is scheduled to launch with built-in library of 30 games for Christmas. Before Nintendo rolls out an original console, YouTube user lyberty5 (Hugo Dorison) has handmade a palm-sized SNES that you’d want to have. The Dorison’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System comprises a well painted clay exterior and is fitted in with a Raspberry Pi Zero and couple of USB hubs. The 16-bit DIY console comes pre-installed with games like Kirby Super Star, Doom and Yoshi’s Island.

SNES console with Raspberry Pi Zero-2

Dorison’s homemade SNES is not for sale, nonetheless, the device is surly worth admiration. If you are thrilled with what you see, you can try your hands at creating one for yourself. Check the video below to know how the console is actually made.

SNES console with Raspberry Pi Zero-1

SNES console with Raspberry Pi Zero-back

Via: EuroGamer



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