Apple iOS 10 revealed, exciting reasons you’ll want to update

iOS 10

All set for a new iPhone experience without updating to iPhone 7? It may be time to update to iOS 10 recently announced by Apple. As all updates do, iOS 10 comes with a host of new features that pledge to make the iPhone and the iPod more useful and entertaining devices. If you are not certain, and you are still contemplating if you should upgrade, you can check out the exciting new features that should instigate you to make the move.

First up is the new and improved lock screen that turns on even without touching home button, letting you check time and notifications instantly.

Next up is the amazing addition to the messaging service. You can send hand written messages with customized bubbles, stickers and sketches. iOS 10 adds a new invisible ink feature that lets you send hidden messages and photos that remain hidden until swiped.

Maps become smarter with proactive suggestions that help you reach your destination much quicker.

Sorting photos on the iPhone was never so easy. You can now sort photos in the phone based on places and people, or according to date, time and place. You can also name a person in the album if you want.

iPhone and iPad look uselessly cluttered with Apple’s per-installed apps. With iOS 10 you can delete the unwanted app cluttering the screen. You cannot delete the apps, but at least they will remain hidden until reinstalled from App Store.

The iOS brings a multilingual keyboard to the fore. This is a dream addition from someone like me who loves to type in two languages. Simply install the languages you want and save yourself the hassle of auto correction, which is really annoying, you know what I mean.

Finally, Siri is more intelligent than ever. The voice assist can now help control apps outside the Apple’s own apps. Some of these third party apps include, What’s App, LinkedIn and Pinterest.



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