World’s first weight-reducing backpack features race car like suspension

Keep Pursuing Zero-G backpack-2

Travelling with a backpack packed in with a laptop, tablet and other accessories is such a norm these days. While the finest and lightest of bags out there only end up adding more weight (whatever little it may be), Keep Pursuing (KP) has developed what is billed as the world’s first weight-reducing backpack – yes, a backpack that is designed to make 20 pounds feel like 10.

Dubbed Zero-G, the innovative backpack features weight-dispersion mechanism based on the suspension system of modern day race cars, thus minimizing weight and maximizing comfort. The bag features 4-point independent suspension, and is made from scratchproof PU material on the outside.

The backpack doesn’t only make you feel lightened with weight on the back, it also adapts to various environments and comforts user’s posture. Zero-G will come in two size – 15” and 13”. It will be 100 percent waterproof and feature 12 unique storage compartments.

Keep Pursuing Zero-G backpack-1

The Zero-G backpack has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and KP is confident they will be able to produce and have backpacks shipped to backers in time for Christmas.

Check out the video below, wherein KP claims its backpack has been lab tested to effectively reduce up 25 percent of the carried weight.

Keep Pursuing Zero-G backpack

Keep Pursuing Zero-G backpack-4



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