Google drones fly of Chipotle trucks to deliver burritos in Virginia Tech

Google delivery drone Virginia tech

Google’s parent company Alphabet has been working on delivery drones under Project Wing for quite some time. Now, in collaboration with Chipotle Mexican Grill, the company is all set to execute trial flights of the drones delivering burritos to the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. The drones approved by FAA’s new commercial guidelines will fly out autonomously from Chipotle food trucks, but will have manual backup ready to take controls in case of any problem.   

When a student or teacher orders airlifted burrito, the drones take off with the package from the Chipotle truck and fly to the destination. The drone then hovers over the destination and lowers the package to the customer using a winch (how many burritos fit in a package is not known).

Google delivery drone Virginia tech-1

Since, this is in testing stage, the engineers behind the drones will keep a constant vigil on drones’ navigation and on customer satisfaction. Data gathered from the project testing will assist FAA maintain a new system for low-altitude air traffic control, which would be necessary when delivery drones become a norm.

Via: Bloomberg



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