Ken Block’s insane drifting in Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground

Ken BLock Gymkhana Nine Raw Industrial Playground

After spilling his magic in the Gymkhana Eight, shot in Dubai UAE, Ken Block returns with the jaw-dropping Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground. Returning back to the roots and putting more limelight on the all-new Ford Focus RS RX which is brimmed with power and useable control. The professional Rallycross driver pushes all the limits of millimeter perfect drifting in this video. Probably enough to set himself apart from the drifting professionals as you’ll see in some of the heart-stopping moments of the action.

For this installation of Gymkhana series, Hoonigan Racing Division partnered with Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 3 video game to plan some insane stunts which turned out to be the highlights of the video. Ken and his team shot the Gymkhana Nine video over a course of four days in western New York in ruined industrial locations.

One head-scratching moment in the video is when Ken outruns a train virtually drifting inches away from its hurling engine. Other two standout moments planned in collaboration with Forza Horizon 3 include Ken’s doughnut around a 2017 Ford Raptor suspended from a helicopter. But for me the teeth churning action is when Ken throws the car into a drifting maneuver with the rear tires just millimeters off the edge of Lake Erie.

In the end Ken again showed us why he is called the king of drifting. After this performance the anticipation of Gymkhana Ten is already building-up and I’m sure it’s going to be another head-turner.

Ken BLock Gymkhana Nine Raw Industrial Playground

Ken said:

The moment where I’m hanging the rear of my car off of that shipping pier was definitely stressful. But, it’s something that we really wanted to do in real life since previously people have only seen something like that in a CGI-d BMW commercial. That’s the great thing about these videos, everything I do with the car, everything we capture on camera is all real, live action.

Ken BLock Gymkhana Nine Raw Industrial Playground_2

Ken BLock Gymkhana Nine Raw Industrial Playground_3

Here’s the video of the commercial Ken referred to:

Source: HooniganRacing



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