Ford demos in-car water dispenser that produces drinkable water from car’s air conditioning  


Further With Ford trend conference always has something interesting to throw at customers. This week, at the conference in Detroit, Michigan, Ford engineers showed an innovative in-car water dispenser they have been working on. Dubbed “On-the-go-H2O” the system is designed to recycle condensation produced by your car’s air conditioning into clean, drinkable water. The idea is conceived to work out a way in which all that water going waste due to condensation can be reused with a purpose, so that people driving in areas with scarcity of water can have their car’s own built-in system provide them the water they need.

Brainchild of Doug Martin, Powertrain Controls Engineer at Ford, On-the-go-H2O is inspired by a billboard in Lima, Peru which Martin came by. The billboard showed humidity being recycled into drinking water for locals. Martin was reminded of all the condensation from air conditioning in a vehicle that ideally drops on the road.

In collaboration with his colleague John Rollinger, Martin set out at creating a system that would collect condensed droplets of water from air conditioning of the vehicle, filter them and the store them in a tank inside the car, ready to be dispensed through a faucet attached between the driver and passenger seat.

Working on the prototype, Martin found the system can produce about 64 ounces of water per hour, which is almost equivalent to four bottle of packaged drinking water.

On-the-go-H2O is still a prototype and there is no word on when Ford will make the technology available in its cars.


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