Letvision is building real-life, full-sized Transformers [video]

Letrons Transformer BMW

Ever since iterations of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and other Autobots have become common, we’ve been really fascinated and waiting anxiously for the day when full-sized transformers could be made for real. Turns out, Letvision, a company in Turkey, has readied a fully-functional, life-sized Transformer prototype they call Letrons. The remote controlled BMW transforms into a gigantic robot all by itself.

Here’s a video of a BMW being remote controlled to a halt and then seen transforming into a robot with moving fingers.

The video looks real, especially considering the ease with which it transforms from a BMW into a robot and vice versa.

Letvision has a great deal of information on all that goes into making a Transformer this cool, but the site has no information when this would be available or at what price. We however learn the company is gearing to develop a complete range of life-sized Transformers.

Letrons Transformer BMW-1

Via: TheAwesomer / Gizmodo



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