Stuntman Braun jumps over Snake River Canyon in steam-powered rocket

eddie braun snake river rocket bike jump knievel

Stuntmen are synonyms to daredevils. They tend to accomplish things that are otherwise nearly impossible. Case in point, a jump over a 1,400ft wide Snake River Canyon in Idaho by stuntman Eddie Braun. Braun achieved the feat by propelling himself in steam-powered rocket he calls the Evel Spirit.

The rocket blasted off with 6000 pound per/sq inch of steam pressure and launched Braun at 400mph about 2200 feet in the air before the daredevil dismounted the blasting contraption and deployed a parachute to land safely some 4728.9 feet away on the other side of the Canyon.

By jumping over the Canyon, 54-year-old Braun achieved his childhood dream and payed tribute to his longtime idol Evel Knievel.

Braun achieved the Guinness World Record worthy feat in front of a small crowd that largely comprised of family and friends. The death defying jump was carried out in well-coordinated manner in close supervision of a few stunt experts from Hollywood.

Via: NewAtlas



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