Pinball + Air Hockey + Wall Climbing = Climball Two-Player Ballgame

Augmented Climbing Wall

We have already seen the potential of augmented reality gaming with the scorching success of Pokemon Go app for Android and iOS. In-fact mixed reality is the future, and it is already seeping into our lives with such interesting applications. Urging its users to get fit by hunting down Pokemons and its eggs, the AR game has caught virtually everyone on the planet by surprise. On the same lines another interesting augmented reality game with a twist has caught our attention.

Augmented Climbing, a Finland-based company wants you to get back in shape with its interesting game dubbed ‘Climball’. It is a game where a ball is projected on a climbing wall which is divided into two sections. These two sections are the playing area of two players who have to kick the virtual ball into opponent’s court and avoid losing the ball in their own court. Yes, it is like playing air hockey, but on a vertical wall.

Any part of the body can be used to hit the ball in opponents section, and let me tell you, it is a lot difficult to play this game. You have to be physically fit and blessed with good reflexes to move up and down the wall.
A video projector shows all the augmented reality elements like the individual player boundaries or the ball. A computer detects the positing of the ball and player’s input to create a very realistic environment.

Via: TheNextWeb



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