Lexus UX Concept gets holographic HUD display in time for Paris Motor Show 2016

Lexus UX Concept Paris Motor Show 2016

Paris Motor Show 2016 is just around the corner, and Lexus is already giving a glimpse of what their take on future of vehicles is going to be like. They have given a sneak-peak of their UX Concept SUV’s interior which looks straight out of some sci-fi movie. This future-forward compact SUV is an interpretation of what Lexus believes to be the design trend that will set the standards. For a fully immersive experience, there are on-board technologies that make the rider feel connected in a three-dimensional space.

Lexus details-in on the instrument panel which has a transparent globe like hologram which presents information in digital and analog manner. The upbeat holographic display shows climate control and other infotainment options in a 3D-like orbed shape for both the driver and passengers. This floating orb shows information in digital and analog format depending on the information that needs to be displayed.

Apart from that Lexus UX Concept has electrochromic windows which can be darkened according to the need of the people on-board. To go with the sci-fi theme, Lexus has included cameras in the side-view mirrors and touch-sensitive buttons.

With so much in stall, the blogsphere is eagerly waiting to see this holographic HUD display in the concept car at the Paris Motor Show 2016.

Lexus UX Concept Paris Motor Show 2016_1

Source: Lexus



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